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Living at The Overlook, Working at Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College

As a newly constructed townhome community, The Overlook sees potential residents come by and take a look at our units and amenities for many different reasons. More often than not, newcomers to the East Falls area are relocating for some kind of career opportunity, or to enhance their daily routine in some way.

Among those, there are also a lot of young professionals seeking first homes that will afford them a little distance and peace from the workplace or campus, while still keeping to a short commute. Or, perhaps some aspect of the surrounding urban area makes East Falls an ideal choice for someone who needs to make some other lifestyle change. 

Because of our community’s close proximity to Thomas Jefferson University, and consequently the Sidney Kimmel Medical College, The Overlook is quickly becoming a popular choice among the hospital staff, as well as those in need of frequent access to the campus. In case you’re on the fence about committing to our up and coming townhomes, our staff has put together just a few of the top reasons we cite to help you make the right choice for your needs.

For the professional

Whether your career in the medical field or administration has just begun, or if you’ve simply decided it might be time for a change in your living situation, The Overlook has something to offer every busy professional.

The most obvious of these is probably how short a commute you would have if you needed to get to Thomas Jefferson’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College on a regular basis. With direct access to Kelly Drive and other major roadways nearby, getting to and from work is less of a hassle than if you moved further away to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Which brings us to our next major benefit for medical practitioners, supporting staff, and those continuing their medical education. You’re working in a fast-paced, often stressful environment that has as many good days as it does trying ones. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a naturally beautiful neighborhood with views of the Schuylkill River and plenty of hiking and biking trails for your days off? Or, take a stroll around the block and indulge in any number of restaurants, shops, or entertainment venues after a hard day’s work.  

For the patient

It’s no secret that managing a chronic illness – for yourself or a loved one – can take its toll on multiple areas of your life. So when you know it’s going to be an ongoing matter of balance and stability, it always pays to factor in decisions like where you will live to hopefully alleviate some of the burden.

Besides being a convenient distance from major medical campuses like Sidney Kimmel’s, The Overlook provides an affordable, comfortable long-term living situation for newer residents. With Philadelphia’s tax abatement program, buying a unit in our community actually provides far-reaching financial benefits that can help take some of the pressure off your shoulders, leaving room for other, more pressing matters like medical expenses. When you buy into newly constructed homes like ours, the city offers savings that can culminate into as much as $80,000 over a ten-year period.

The Overlook also enjoys a supportive, close-knit community that encourages activity and social interaction. For many residents, this sort of atmosphere can be a refreshing change from homes they’ve owned in the heart of the city, and can have positive effects on outlook and mood. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you what a difference that can make when you’re also dealing with the added pressures of appointments and treatments.

Buying a new home is a huge decision, but even more so if your career or health plays a role in deciding where and how you’ll live once you get there. Contact our staff if you’d like to discuss in more detail what living at The Overlook can do for you to meet your needs.

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