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Envision Your Space with Studio IQL

When you’re fortunate enough to have some input on the layout and design of your space, it’s important that you seize the opportunity to make it all fit just right. After all, how often does that chance come around?

And while we think that the design and upgrade options for the townhomes here at The Overlook are already top-notch, hiring professionals like those you’ll find at Studio IQL can go a long way in helping to extend that style to your public spaces, offices, and even hospitality areas!

Located less than a mile from our community, Studio IQL brings together two decades of collaborative design for the home, the office, and a number of other possibilities. So if you’ve recently moved into one of our homes and need to spruce up your workplace to fit the new lifestyle you’re adopting, be sure to check our this experienced creative team and get a fresh take on your new digs!

The story

Val Nehez first dove into art history and architecture at Bard and Vassar Colleges, laying a solid foundation for her design career even before she entered the game by taking two restaurants in New York’s Hudson Valley under her wing. After completely branding these establishments, giving them identities of their own, and operating them successfully, Nehez went on to write her own cookbook. Later, she decided it was time to use her talents elsewhere and brought together a formidable team that has the training and skill sets to handle just about every step of the redesign and renovation processes in private and commercial capacities.

The process

Because Nehez and her crew cover so many different aspects of design work – architecture, interior design, structure, embellishments that require anything from glassblowing to painting or sculpting, even landscaping – you can count on being a part of it, every step of the way. The idea is that even when working with public spaces, each one is designed so that the owner of it will feel as comfortable with it as if it were a room in his or her house. It should reflect personal taste as well as fit the purpose for which it is intended.

If you were to browse through the company portfolios, you would find several examples for each instance in which the team most often works: homes, commercial settings, and some hospitality clients. Each one took the more personal approach that means that the client’s wishes are first and foremost, followed up with the expertise that each member of the team brings into the mix. In doing so, you can be sure that your spaces are your own, and you can feel at home even when you’re in the throes of the workday.

If you’re ready to spruce up your surroundings, find out if Studio IQL is the team for you! In the meantime, The Overlook’s staff will keep giving you the recommendations you need to settle into our wonderful neighborhood.

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