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Staying Fit at The Overlook

Even if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen, everyone needs a little health boost here and there. And at The Overlook, we’re huge proponents of making sure our residents have access to everything they need to lead comfortable, healthy lives.

That’s why we make note of great local facilities like Salveo Wellness Center. Boasting a full range of health services, this center has a staff capable of providing primary care for all ages, as well as crafting personalized approaches to healthier lifestyles.

The center

Built on the foundations of a direct primary care approach, Salveo Wellness Center believes that the patient should come first, no matter what. This means making sure everyone has the ability to access the care he or she needs, and can afford to get the treatments needed to address any given malady. The center also charges a flat monthly rate instead of dealing with copays and deductibles, so there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. All in all, the wellness center hopes to focus on the important aspects of patient care, with a collaborative approach that makes everyone a part of the process.


When you sign on with Salveo Wellness Center, there is an enrollment fee. But, paying in full waives the fee and gives you a discount on standard monthly costs that come with your membership. Individuals and families may apply, and monthly rates will then differ based on ages and plans. But what do these include?

The wellness center actually offers all of the basic annual physicals and exams, including those needed for school. Everyday visits for checkups, preventative care, pharmacy consultations and refilling prescriptions, and typical in-office procedures like suture removal and managing chronic conditions: all of these kinds of appointments are included in your monthly rate. And, the center offers after hours visitation and weekend appointments, so you can schedule around your availability with ease.

With those basic care services, residents of The Overlook would also be able to find access to health coaching, cancer screenings, and even well-woman exams like Pap smears and pregnancy test administration. Other in-office testing includes EKGs, hearing and vision tests, and even pulse oximetry.

If you’re ready to step into a healthier lifestyle, Salveo Wellness Center is only 0.2 miles away from The Overlook’s townhome community! You could even get a jumpstart on being a more fit you by taking a walk there, as long as your condition allows. Check out what else is within walking distance on our neighborhood recommendations page.

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