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Manayunk, PA StrEAT Food Festival and Restaurant Week

Chow Down on Manayunk’s Biannual StrEAT Food Festival and Restaurant Week

Every year, East Falls residents can gather together to sample the unique flavors of the neighborhood – literally!

As part of the thriving social and foodie scene here in the area, many of the locals make time for recurring events like Manayunk’s Biannual StrEAT Food Festival and the following Restaurant Week.

Held every spring and fall, the festival is a great opportunity to explore the restaurants, smaller eateries, food trucks, and even entertainment options that are just a short walk or drive from The Overlook community.

So what’s happening at this year’s festivities? Just wait – the spring celebration is gearing up for some fantastic features, including some shops and vendors to visit when your stomach starts begging you for a break from all of the delicious bites and sips.

StrEAT Food Festival

It’s a fantastic time to own a food truck in East Falls and Manayunk, especially if you’ve already secured your spot along Main Street for the StrEAT Food Festival! This year’s participants include a wide range of tastes: from Double Trouble Waffles & French Toast to Nomad Pizza Truck, or from the Tandoori Trailer to the GOOD MOOD Truck.

That’s not to say you won’t find plenty to love among the brick-and-mortar-based hotspots during the day. From gourmet and niche restaurants, to some of Philadelphia’s most notable standbys, the StrEAT Food Festival certainly won’t lack in variety. Taste test novelties like Hazel and Ash Organics or Saint Lucifer Foods, or branch out into some of the establishments you won’t find anywhere else: The Couch Tomato, The Goat’s Beard, and Taqueria Feliz, to name just a few.

And don’t forget about the shopping and entertainment features of the day. Local stores will have plenty for you to browse through while you wait for each show to start. Performers include The Tisburys, the Greg Sover Band, numbers from Merge Dance Studio, and more.

Manayunk Restaurant Week

So, the name of this event is just a tad misleading, but only in the best possible way. Instead of cramming all of the delectable offerings and specials into just one week, Manayunk Restaurant Week will actually run for two: April 15-26!

If you’re new to the area, you might be wondering why there are two whole weeks dedicated to this restaurant-centric event. By the time you’ve tried the special dishes these establishments have to offer, all will be made clear.

More than fifteen participating restaurants have carefully crafted menus for just this occasion, perfect for every budget. Specialty meals will be offered for $15, $25 or $35 at each location, varying based on what the establishment has decided to roll out for your dining pleasure. Depending on where you want to go, you might even be able to visit more than one of these restaurants in a day! Some of the participants include Lucky’s Last Chance, Bourbon Blue, and Winnie’s.

Are you hungry yet? Embrace the local lifestyle this spring with a taste of what The Overlook at East Falls and its neighboring communities have to offer!

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