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Get a Fresh New Look with Just B Beautiful

Is there a special event on your horizon? Whether it’s a wedding, a promotional opportunity, or something else entirely, Just B Beautiful is here to help you look your best!

No matter what you have marked on your calendar, there’s one beauty concierge that the residents of The Overlook trust to leave them feeling lovely both inside and out. Located less than a mile from our townhome community, this boutique offers everything from hair styling to makeup and skincare expertise.

So where do you begin choosing what services you'll want for your special day? Learn about the owner's process and check out a few of the shop's most popular choices to find out if they're right for you!

The story

As one of two boutique locations for a professional that serves clients from Boston to Washington D.C., this beauty concierge certainly stands apart from the rest. The shop is operated by makeup artists employed by B Wilson, an accomplished professional who went from freelancing out of her home to working for celebrities, television stations, and everyday clients alike in her own offices. Established in the beauty industry since 2004, Just B Beautiful can be found both in our town and in New York, but Wilson – the Bi-City Beauty Gal – also caters to a wide range of clients up and down the east coast.

The shop

Hair styling

Even if you’re a pro at styling your own hair, it always pays to have someone take the pressure off on a big day like a wedding – especially for the bride! Wilson’s approach is to meet with her clients ahead of time to discuss styles and offer a trial as a sort of practice run. That way, everyone is on the same page the day of, and you end up with precisely what you want to look back on in all of those photos.

Makeup design and application + total skincare consultation

There’s a good reason why professionals like Wilson are referred to as makeup artists! Using a similar approach as with the consultations for hair styling, Wilson and her team make it a point to get to know their clients. After establishing the key aspects of your complexion and areas to highlight, they familiarize themselves with your concerns and ask for your input on the final results. By the time they’re finished, you’ll feel like a whole new you, but with all your best features proudly on display.

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