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Sample the Italian Food Scene at The Overlook

That’s amore – and yes, we do mean the burgeoning Italian food scene around here at The Overlook!

Our neighborhood, along with the gorgeous views of the Schuylkill River and a thriving social atmosphere, also boasts an incredible array of dining options. And one of the most prominent niches you’ll find nearby is a community of Italian-based eateries and restaurants.

So where do you begin trying to get a taste of everything these industrious chefs have to offer? While we can’t say you’ll get to everything in one day, The Overlook’s staff members have a few tried and true favorites that we’d like to recommend you start with on your culinary tour through the Italian food scene in East Falls.

In Riva

Do you crave rich tomatoes and hearty spices? How about wood-fired creations and libations you won’t often find in any other establishment in Philly? In Riva offers the Southern Italian experience, complete with menu items specifically crafted for sharing around the table and a mind-boggling selection of new and old world wines to enjoy. You could order one of the house specialties – Napoletana-style pizza – or taste test any one of the varieties of house-made pasta dishes that have put this waterside restaurant on the map. We’d also like to note that In Riva has an extensive cocktail menu, on which every item is named after a world-class Italian cyclist. Why not take a tour de force of your own with an unobstructed view of the Schuylkill River? 

Founded Coffee & Pizza

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, or maybe even on-the-go, Founded Coffee & Pizza has your basic formula for a filling lunch or dinner. Between classic pizza varieties, wings and other sides, and mouthwatering cannolis, there’s a little something for everyone. And if you’re stranded at work, or maybe watching the kids at home and wondering what you can get that everyone will eat, Founded Coffee & Pizza does deliver!

Golden Crust Pizza

Every city and urban neighborhood has a favorite pizza joint. For many residents of The Overlook, that’s Golden Crust Pizza! Located less than a mile away from our community of single-family townhomes, this casual dining experience is perfect for the single resident out for a quick bite, or the family of four wanting some refreshment while out on the town. And it doesn’t just serve up unique pies, either. Pasta dishes, cheese steaks, and more are available for you to eat in-house, order out, or even have catered at your next event.


One of East Falls’ latest BYOB restaurants, Fiorino brings the homey, down-to-earth elements of an Italian meal to the table. Drop in for lunch, dinner, or just to sample something off the dessert menu! Named for an old Florentine style of coin, this restaurant serves up traditional staples like pastas (with gluten-free options), delectable antipasti to share – like mussels marinara or tuna carpaccio. You could also mark your calendars for one of the establishment’s special events, such as the annual Feast of the Seven Fish, or stay tuned for the reinstatement of Fiorino’s immersive cooking classes!  

By now, you should definitely be in the mood for some good old-fashioned Italian comfort food, or at the very least a quality slice of pizza! For more on the thriving East Falls community, and how you can enjoy it from your new home at The Overlook, keep an eye out for our features.

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