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Custom Accents for Your New Townhome at The Overlook

One thing that each of our new residents always looks forward to is settling in and making the townhouse feel like home. There’s just something about having the freedom to redecorate, to fill the space with the décor and furnishings that create the most comfort for you and your family!

Luckily for those with unique tastes, our neighborhood and the surrounding area is brimming with artisans and locally owned shops that carry the best handcrafted items and home accents. The Overlook staff is just over the moon for East Falls Glassworks, Philadelphia’s own public access glassblowing studio. Here, customers don’t just get to shop for one-of-a-kind additions for their homes and offices. This studio is all about the hands-on experience, making each piece that much more individualized and tailored for the recipient.

The story

Founded in 2006, East Falls Glassworks features work by the owner and staff, as well as other local artists looking to promote their skills and showcase their wares for the casual shopper. But if you prefer to be more involved in the creative process, you’ve come to the right place. Between private events, group classes, and facility rental options, there are plenty of opportunities to dive in and get your hands on your very own glass creation. The studio’s staff is made up of glass enthusiasts – even Roxy, the canine shop manager and overseer of security, does her part to ensure an inclusive, educational and fun atmosphere!

The art and you


Whether you’re looking to try something new just for the fun of it, or if you want to invest in a new skillset, East Falls Glassworks has one-time and regularly scheduled classes to help you develop an appreciation for the art of glassblowing. Over the years, the studio has brought together a close-knit network of locals that love to create new things and bond over artistic expression. Sound like you?

Private events

It might not be what immediately comes to mind when you’re trying to organize an office party, group date, or casual outing with friends, but what better way to spend your free time than with some of your favorite people and the tools to create something new? The studio offers a hands-on introduction to the art of glassblowing, and can tailor the event to best suit the people in your group. So forget dinner or bowling; try a challenging and rewarding experience with a new skill!

Artist rental

In the event that you’re already comfortable around glassblowing equipment, East Falls Glassworks also offers facility rental options to the artists in the area. Using an online calendar, the staff regulates who is in the studio and when, the better to ensure that everyone who wants to use the space can have the access he or she needs for a little creative expression.


If creating works of art isn’t in your wheelhouse, or maybe you’re a bit too busy at the moment to commit to a class, East Falls Glassworks proudly displays and sells work by local artists and its own staff members and students. The gallery store is filled with items you won’t find anywhere else, as well as glassblowing supplies for the artist on your list. Or, if you have something in particular in mind to complete your new townhome’s look, you can always talk to the studio staff about commissioning a custom project.

East Falls is always gaining new talent to make life here just a little sweeter – stay tuned for more of our updates on what’s coming to the neighborhood!

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