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Charter Schools Near East Falls

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Is a long commute good for your child?


In today’s world, we seem to be doing less walking and more driving.  As adults this definitely affects our mood.  Traffic is one of the most common sources of stress in our society.  I know that a long, frustrating morning commute can set the wrong tone for my entire day.  Researchers say this can be the same for children and teens.  60% of all children are driven to school a drastic increase from the early 1970’s when just 18% of students arrived by car.


Studies show that Long commutes can increase a child’s irritability.  It also lessons the amount of time children have to eat, sleep and simply play.    If your looking to move to be closer to your child’s school.  Here are some schools that have an easy commute to The Overlook located in East Falls, Pennsylvania.


William Penn Charter School

 William Penn Charter – lives up to its history as the fifth oldest school in the country, and the longest-standing Quaker school in the world by upholding its standards of mutual respect, equality, and community. It made its home right here in East Falls in the 1920s, opening its doors to students in pre-K to high school seniors. Its campus provides plenty of sprawling lawns and athletic fields for active academics, and bolsters a love of the arts as well as the sciences. According to the school administration, the optimal times to apply to attend Penn Charter are before applicants have started pre-K, kindergarten, sixth, seventh or ninth grades, as those are the most common entry points. However, if spots are open in other grades, new students will be considered then

Germantown Friends School 

Germantown Friends School is a coeducational independent Early Childhood-12 school in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States under the supervision of Germantown Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

Germantown Academy

Germantown Academy, informally known as GA and originally known as the Union School, is the oldest nonsectarian day school in the United States. The school was founded on December 6, 1759, by a group of prominent Germantown citizens in the Green Tree Tavern on the Germantown Road.


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