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Capture the Moments with BG Productions

There are some things about a wedding that you never want to forget: the most romantic moment during the exchange of vows, the couple’s first dance, when one newlywed shoves a fistful of cake onto the other’s face rather than into his or her mouth. And in a digital age, it’s easier than ever to simply try and capture those moments ourselves.

But what if there was a trusted company that would take care of that for you, and use equipment far superior to any cell phone camera out there? Enter BG Productions Photography and Videography, one of Philadelphia’s best and most diverse wedding documenters. Residents of The Overlook will find the studio located less than a mile away from our townhome community, and no matter the size of your wedding, these artists are here to make sure your special day is one for the books.

The story

BG Productions prides itself on having an eclectic, diverse staff with a wide range of talents to better meet and exceed your expectations. The goal is to add a personal touch to your wedding photos and videos, rather than produce anything generic. After all, this is a day dedicated to the person you love most, and every relationship is unique. To that end, your interactions with the team don’t have to end after the last guest has gone home. BG Productions is known for hosting client parties that include all of the “BG Family,” both past and present. The company is also dedicated to responsible green and social observation, donating time and resources to local events and charities, and offering their services to all couples.



In keeping with the company’s green policy, you’ll receive your wedding photos (usually between 600 and 800 fully edited images taken by two photographers) on an GB USB drive with the printing rights. But that isn’t all; BG Productions also offers premium print products to help you show off the final products. There are options for albums, canvases, prints and more if you so choose.

Want to add something extra to your wedding reception? You can also rent the BG Booth, an open air photo booth that guests can use to document your big day in their own fun ways. Backdrops and props are included, and free digital downloads are usually available the next day. BG Productions will also discuss other projects such as maternity photoshoots, pet portraits, and more upon request.


When you invest in BG Production’s videography services, you’ll receive footage of the entire day, as well as a teaser to share across your social media accounts, for example. And of course, you can also add video documentation to your photography package for even more coverage on your special day.

There’s so much you’ll want to remember – let a local studio help you keep track of it all with gorgeous photos, videos and keepsakes! And for more of East Falls’ best professional services, stay tuned to The Overlook’s neighborhood recommendations.

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